Tiny Cat Ears?

Whew!  I got my grades back from last class; I made an overall 95 in Color Theory, which is pretty awesome considering I failed a test in it.  Now to sally forth into Typography and Page Layout!

Except this is really bugging me.  We have to watch a Lynda tutorial and I’m thinking “This lady looks like the chick from Die Antwoord if she was 50” and “Holy hell, are those tiny cat ears?  What is on her head?”  It’s DISTRACTING!

At first I thought it was something in the background but then I started to realize they MOVE with her HEAD!  She’s adorable though.  But I just wonder if those are tiny cat ears or what.  That said, her course is pretty interesting.  Eventually I’ll figure out what’s on her head.  And if I don’t?  Tiny cat ears.  That MUST be it!

I mean, all artists are weird.  If you’re an artist and you say you’re not weird, take several seats.  I like to think I’m not weird, but then again, just tonight I spent an hour answering every question my husband asked me with something about him stealing my ice.  “How are you feeling?”  Feeling like you stole all my ice!  “Did you give the cats their worm medicine?”  Yeah, cause they didn’t steal all my ice.  And so on, and so forth.  I’m from Alabama, dammit, I need ice in EVERYTHING.  Know what was annoying?  Going to Italy.  If you ask for ice they give you like half a cube.  Ack.

He stole all my ice for turkey brine.  He could’ve just, you know, stuck it in the fridge since he’s not gonna put the turkey in it til tomorrow!

Yep, here in Ye Olde US of A, we’re encroaching upon Thanksgiving day.  I may be the lady of our small family (that includes me, the hubs, and two cats) but my husband loves cooking for the holiday so I sit around and drink mimosas all afternoon.  I mean I am making the mac ‘n cheese but that will be cooked the day before, thrown in a pan, and then baked the oven the next day.


We bit the bullet though!  We got a roasting pan that is RE-USABLE!  Dear god in heaven help us.  We’re turning into old people!  No more roasting the turkey in a big old aluminum pan you get for 50 cents at HEB.  I spent $8 to get an actual… non-disposable one.  Not too bad!  I’m going to try not to fail at cooking a lamb leg for Christmas dinner so that’ll work for that too.  And if we wanna roast quail or something, we’ve got that covered now.

I don’t have much design news other than that I’m watching a lady with tiny cat ears, but just felt like I had to brag about getting a 95 (A+) in a class I failed a test for!  How’d I pull that off?  The world may never know!


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