Every Villain Is Lemons (E.V.I.L.)

This four day weekend was gifted to us, the lowly amateur designers, by Full Sail University.  I did take Thursday off, less because of Thanksgiving dinner and more because for some reason, I was super dizzy!  A little vertigo going on, you know.  Turned out my ears were really pressurized, as happens to me every time I have a sinus infection coming on.  I have chronic sinusitis, so my ears get weird every few weeks or so.  It’s more annoying than anything.

Today I did my words.  They’re not due ’til Tuesday, but we also have pre-production for another project due Tuesday so I knocked the words out early.  We had to take three words from a list and find a way to make them embody the word’s meaning.  I chose “sour,” “joy,” and “magic.”

word_sourFirst up, “Sour.”  What do you think of when you hear that word?  Sour candies like Warheads, Sour Patch Kids, Sour Straws… None of which I like!  (I like bitter and salty foods.)  You also may think… LEMONS!  My grandmother will sit there and eat lemons all day.  Lemons are good in tea, for me, and I like lemonade.  I can’t just bite into a lemon and eat it like Gramma can.

I used Source Sans Variable in all caps and made outlines of the text in Illustrator.  I warped the “O” and filled it in with a percentage of black (a grey) to make it look lighter, like a lemon, since we can’t use color, and added the little lemon ends and some texture.  I had to kern rather than track, and move the lemon around once outlines were made.  Thank God for shift-moving.  Otherwise after I kerned and created outlines, the letters would have been all over the place trying to eyeball them.  I did eventually give up kerning the letters and just kinda moved them using guides.  And a lot of shift key.

Never underestimate or devalue shift!  That button is your BFF for lining things up.  It’s so useful, OMG.  You guys.  Use Shift forever!

The next word I did was “Joy.”  It’s almost that time of year, yes?  Yesterday I drove to the store, hated every song on 4/5 of my radio stations.  Switched to the 5th one.  “OH THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS–”

NO!  Just no.  It’s not even December.  It isn’t that I dislike Christmas music; it’s just that there are only a handful of Christmas songs so they repeat and you might possibly get the same song by a different person.  I know it’s to get holiday shoppers into the spirit, but I mean, most of us buy on Amazon these days, right?

Right.  So my interpretation of the typography of the word “Joy.”

word_joyI really liked this word.  The first thing I thought of was EVE Online.  I tried playing that for like a week back in 2010 but I got so stuck in the spreadsheets organizing things almost obsessively and not playing the game.  I did that in World of Warcraft vaults too.  So yes, I was doomed.  In EVE, a common greeting rather than saying “Hi” is to type the characters o/ as if the person’s waving.  A good victory in your corp may be punctuated as \o/ as if it’s a guy throwing his hands in the air like he just don’t care.  I wanted the “guy” to be the most noticeable figure, so I typed the J and O in lowercase and the Y in uppercase.  I also colored the J and O in greys to build up to the bold Y-man, the buildup to the moment, so to speak.  I took the J’s dot and stuck it in the Y for a head, and I manipulated the Y’s serifs and such to make it look less perfect.  Because face it, it’s a human now.  They’re not perfect.  (Except for me.)  I used the font Book Antiqua, one of my favorite serif fonts.  Actually, come to think of it, the more I look at this type, the more I see the classic cookbook “The Joy of Cooking” logotype.  I can assure you that was all subconscious.  Also my husband says the Y looks like the Boys and Girls Club logo, but to be honest as we didn’t have a chapter of those where I grew up, I had no idea what their icon was.

Finally, and my favorite one: I chose the word “Magic.”  I originally wanted to do a script font with a Harry Potter type wand making some swirls, but then I saw it.


The font “Canter.”  It looked so much like a traditional magic show, like they do at kids’ birthday parties and to a more crazy degree in Vegas.  The font just looked like it belonged on a headline for a swanky magic show.  Oh, you better believe I had to use it!

word_magicSo this is what I came up with.  I used Canter to form the word, and elongated the I to look like a magic wand, to which I added a star.  I think it’s pretty nice.  It’s my favorite of the three that I’ve done and I think it just looks sharp and snazzy.  It was kind of hard to make the tapered part of the wand (inside the white that’s bordered by black) but I thought if it was less harsh, it’d be better.

Granted, I am NOT the best in Illustrator.  I’m getting the hang of it more and more, but sometimes it just goes HAHA FREYJA YOU STINK AT THIS GO WORK AT BURGER KING HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Well, Illustrator, I’m not about to go work fast food.  Did that before at large national pizza chain, had a manager steal most of my paychecks via the computer system (this was way back when, they probably can’t do it anymore,) been cussed out because some guy who was on drugs or drunk or something couldn’t tell us his apartment number to deliver the pizza to (or even the name of the complex or address of it…)  I’m over all that, haha!

In other news, I sold my third Janis project product!  Can’t wait to get that $5 paycheck!  No sarcasm, actually, that’s a pack of cigarettes almost.  If I sell one more shirt, I get a free pack of smokes essentially.  That actually makes me really happy, in more than one way:  I am thrilled that people like my work enough to wear it, and cigarettes are ‘spensive.

If you want to know where to get my Queen of Rock ‘n Roll shirt / laptop skin / phone case / pillows / whatever, here you go!  Ch-ch-check it out!


Janis Joplin, Queen of Rock ‘n Roll, new design merchandise (non-official)

Maybe shop me for Small Business Saturday?

Okay, shameless plug done!  I got one for my Emergency Standby Dad and he was so happy to get it!  He was my biggest cheerleader for the project so he got a free one.

But yeah, that’s about all I got!  Remember, Every Villain is Lemons!



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