Okay first of all I’m freaking elated.

Tired, and we’ll get to why in the next couple thoughts, but elated. I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis (my immune system attacks and destroys my thyroid so I have to take thyroid hormone replacements.) So, a common thing that happens is losing the outer thirds, or in some cases even half, of your eyebrows. I don’t know why but in my Hashi’s support group on FB it seems to happen to a lot of us. Well, after switching hormones from synthetic to natural desiccated, they’re growing back! I only lost the outer thirds, but it made my eyebrow piercing look goofy. I’m also finding it easier to lose excess weight. So that’s why I’m thrilled! I know that’s not design related, but the rest of this post is, trust me!

Now on to why I’m tired. We had Thanksgiving break, a four-day weekend, off from school. I did do some work and reading during that break, but mostly I just futzed around and ate turkey. We finished Little Witch Academia, which I recommend if you like anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s not exactly slice of life; it’s fantasy I’d say, in a school setting. So anyway we did that and we were going to go see Thor: Ragnarok, but I was too busy getting back in the mindset for doing my projects.

Well, I ended up having to do a gig poster, two in-depth critiques of classmates’ posters, and a typeface research flyer thing something, plus re-working my pre-production, and watching lectures… in four days. I was burnin’ that midnight oil a lot. I didn’t sleep well or much, because I tried not to take my Doxepin (antidepressant that doesn’t work for its intended use all that well but is a great non-habit-forming sleep medication) so that I wouldn’t find it too horrible to wake up. Doxepin gives me a hangover for about an hour, seriously. Not like the alcohol kind, just… brain fogginess, still sleepy, “just five more minutes!” kind of thing. Well, with not taking that, my quality of sleep bit the dust. Everything was due yesterday and I managed to get it all turned in with thirty minutes to spare. So it’s probably not… good. But I worked fast thanks to energy drinks and rum. Not at the same time. Only partially a non-coke speed-ball.

It was hard, to the point at which I was having massive anxiety attacks. I was overwhelmed and overworked. I kept popping Vistaril (an antihistamine that also works for anxiety) and when I’d reach the max dose I’d feel like I needed more. Which is saying something, because like the Doxepin, Vistaril is not a habit-forming drug. You can’t really get addicted to it. I lost an hour due to maintenance banging on my door so hard it flew open and I was just shaking for that hour, even though they were only coming to replace my A/C filter. I have PTSD though so yeah, loud noises and the door suddenly opening equals a bad time. It’s not the first time that’s happened. I keep asking them not to pound on the door because it freaks me out something fierce, but they keep doing it. I need to make a sign or something.

So there was all that and a lot of time where I just stared blankly into InDesign as if it were the void staring back. Like, “How do I do this? How do I make my sketch be a thing? Do I even know how to use this program? Crap, I forgot to download my typeface! Better go do that. Aw, that typeface looks awful! Better download a new one.” Then had to re-update my pre-production creative brief thing. Well I finally got a design that was okay-ish. I’m not sure it’s the best thing ever, but at least it looks like it belongs.


So there was my first sketch, that I hated. You can kind of see the typeface in the word “jazz” that I had to replace. It was a nice typeface but didn’t work out in practice as well as it did in theory.


Then there’s that monstrosity but it’s what I ultimately went with. It was a quick sketch because I had an idea and just wanted to get it put down onto paper.


And it turned into that. I couldn’t find the actual date for next year’s, and 2017’s was in October so already happened. I had to play with the date in that case. But see? As I said, not that good, but I was rushed, full of anxiety, and didn’t even know where to start!


And my font flyer, which I like more than my event poster. The idea was that, as the Baskerville typeface has bolder strokes with thinner, more angular serifs, bold lines would be nice for it. I wanted it to jump out! That said, Baskerville was not always loved. John Baskerville’s contemporaries said that it would damage people’s eyes. I however use it in a lot of things, a lot of my writing, because of said bold strokes. It makes it easier for me to read without squinting or putting my face right up to the monitor to read.

So I did all that plus in-depth critiques and then finally got a decent night’s sleep. With Doxepin. It’s a gorgeous day, not too hot, and definitely not cold because it doesn’t really get cold here, so I’ve got the sliding glass door open with the screen door shut to keep kitties off the balcony. Airing out the apartment cause it needs it. And guess what? My lectures aren’t all that intensive this week so I’ll likely get a few more good nights in too!

That magazine article though… that’s going to be interesting. I need a topic. Maybe an article about cats.  Maine Coons would be interesting because a lot of people I’ve met have heard of them but don’t know much. I could use my Siamese, but Siamese cats are seen heavily in media and everyone says “They’re loud, mischievous, and mean!” Not all are mean, but mine certainly is…

So yes, a magazine spread about Maine Coons sounds good to me.


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