Dead Before Dessert!

Have you ever seen The Emperor’s New Groove? I love that movie.

This blog title comes from the line Yzma says: “Excellent. A few drops in his drink, and then I’ll propose a toast, and he will be dead before dessert.”

To which Kronk replies, “Which is a real shame, because it’s gonna be delicious.”

I was almost dead before dessert today. Literally. Not exaggerating. I was outside and a wasp got stuck in the hood of my jacket! So I was flailing and screaming bloody murder, it was buzzing menacingly near my head, and finally I whipped off my hoodie and threw it, and then ran inside. The wasp stayed around my patio door, just kind of haunting me, running into the glass, and finally it left so I could go back out and get my hoodie. So why death? Why, because I’m allergic to bees and wasps! I’m glad it didn’t sting me because I’m home alone right now. And, you know, because paper wasps have one of the ten (arguably) most painful stings, and they latch on and sting multiple times. They come in yellow and red varieties, and they’re all terrifying.

So anyway week three of my typography and page layout class is over and I’m on my final week now. It’s been exhausting. I’ll be happy if I get to winter break with any sanity left, let alone intact.


Well I got an 83 on my event poster. I wasn’t expecting much better than that judging on how burned out I am lately. I still have a 97 in the class at least. Yay for weighted grading!

I had to also do a ticket stub for something local and in recent past or in the near future. Why not a hockey game? I hated this work the first night but I liked it a lot better the next day so I turned it in. I was tired of working on it, really.


It looks like it could be sportsy. Though I see a mistake now — dang it I didn’t capitalize the stub section and such! Oh no! Why did that slip my mind, and why am I just now noticing it? The world may never know!

I’m gonna go hate myself now.



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