Debauchery on Aida

Have you ever wanted a picture of just the F word? A little cross stitch sampler proclaiming yourself a “beeyotch?” Maybe something to put in your guest room saying “Suck it up, Buttercup?” Well have I found the book for you!

Well, my in-laws did. Oh man, I am so thrilled with the gift they gave me! It’s freaking hilarious and caters to my love of profanity. (I do tend to dial the profanity down a lot on this blog, because I dunno if there are 13 year old design geeks reading or not… but yeah. In real life every other word out of my mouth is a swear.)IMG_1622[1]

Enter this book!

Okay so other than design, and painting, I LOVE cross stitch. I have maybe… 5 of them left unfinished right now that I just haven’t gotten time for, but these ones in this book work up really quickly. Julie Jackson is a genius, and I love that the colors are coded so I know exactly what to get, or that I can change the colors up if I want to!

Basically, for the next decade or so, everyone’s getting vulgar cross stitch samplers for holidays!

It’s got such fun projects as “Suck It Up…” and I really like the border on this one! This will be perfect to hang over the hubs’s bed when he has the man-flu!


It’s got “Life sucks, then you die.” Very true! I like the “Legend of Zelda”-esque heart line? I’m not sure if that was intended, but man is it relevant!IMG_1624[1]


There’s a dead teddy bear asking for you to kill him… This is about my mindset most of the time! It’ll be my office picture. Along with my wood-cut map of Middle Earth. Move over, Bilbo!


Finally, my wish to you and yours: Happy Fucking Holidays!

And who said cross stitch was for old people?


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