Whelmed Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

What am I gonna do with 20 more books? My shelves and my kindle together give me about 70 books I haven’t read yet.

My grandmother told me she’d send me “a book or two,” and in the box was about twenty books. A lot of Stephen King… What’s funny is one of the books she sent me by him was one I got my mom for Christmas in 2007. So I guess I was re-gifted… What I was thankful for was that there was a copy of American Gods by Neil Gaiman in it, as I lost my well-loved copy quite a while ago, and that’s one of the books I do enjoy re-reading. I think that book was one of the ones that never made it out of Guam, kind of like my community college art portfolio…

So I shoved them all on the bookshelf and I’ll probably curl into the fetal position not knowing which to read next. I’ve got shelves upon shelves, boxes inside of other boxes, full of books, mostly read and ready to go to Half Price Books for some extra moo-lah. Or more books, I dunno.

The other day the hubs came home early all feverish and said something about the car tires. I had to go to the tire store and get one new one because the treads were ripping off the base. The roads here, guys, they eat your tires. They ate one last year, then we got another two because those got eaten this year, now the final one ws digested.

But I’m on winter break until January 3rd! My course director suggested we all design something just for ourselves but I’m proooobably just going to play video games, drink tea, and read books; heavens know I have enough books now!

fsymsogxo5tv6npt2fz1rwwv_r1_500Oh, hey, look! I’m whelmed again! Just a bunch of stuff. I am ready to accept my life as an empty grocery sack.

But no, seriously, this sheer number of books and boxes and crud I’m surrounded by is making me nervous. So I’m looking at “Garfield Without Garfield” comics. I’ve got two baskets of laundry to fold and I’m like… *spazz* Laundry can live there, see if I care.

So why am I so whelmed… Well, the VA decided I didn’t need my meds, so I didn’t get that sorted until Friday, meaning I’d gone four days without them. So now I’m really off-kilter.

Also Friday I was backing out of a parking spot, was about 90% out of it, and a lady backed into me. Didn’t have her lights on. I went to see was she okay, and she was SCREAMING obscenities at me. It just made it worse every time I asked her “Well, yeah, but are you okay?” She illegally demanded my driver’s license to take a picture of so needless to say, soon as I got home I filed the insurance report (no claim, as there was zero damage) and told them how she acted and what she did. So far, my insurance hasn’t called me, so she probably realized she doesn’t have a claim. If she comes to my house, though, I’m gonna flip my shizz.

So that was a few days I lost working on my school work because of stress, feeling off, being angry, all that.

I got my stuff done, however!

I did a magazine spread, that I kind of like, I guess?  My “archetype” I was catering to is a 60something year old named Nina who’s a widow and all her kids are out of the house so she’s lonely. I want her to get a Maine Coon cat. (They’re amazing. I’m on my second one. My first one died from cardiomyopathy at age 11, but this one doesn’t have it, and he’s nearly 5. By age 5 we’d know if he has it or not and he doesn’t… phew!)

So here’s my spread!


What killed me was we had to use one of a few given ads but we weren’t allowed to change the size. I used the PetSmart ad because my article was about cats, and putting an ad for like, a beer, would be like “Hey, you’re a single dude with a cat, have a beer!” and that just doesn’t work with my archetype! Though I am a married woman with two cats, and my hubs and I both will have a beer now and then, we were not part of the archetype I designed as the audience.

So anyway, I’m going to be making a post about my brand new venture, but I hope you all had a merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate!


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