A Soapy, Salty, Sugary Adventure!

So over the past week or so I’ve gone on a new adventure! It was full of fails, but some successes. Actually, more successes than fails!

I’m working on a “line” of homemade, organic, cruelty-free self-care products, including bath bombs, sugar or salt scrubs, lip scrubs, shower melts, and bath salt soaks. I’ve gotten a lot of green fingers from this. Maybe even two green thumbs, but I still can’t keep a plant alive.


Either way, I’m going to get these freakin’ shower melts to work! One way, or another! I tossed a broken-up one in my shower and the fragrance was AH-MAZING. Totally cleared my congestion. So I have no doubt that they work, just… they fell apart. I didn’t add enough water.  Now? I think I added TOO MUCH water so I’m baking them to get some of the liquid to evaporate. Low temp, 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Low and slow, yo!

In the meantime, I got a lot of other stuff to work! My bath bombs didn’t harden enough but I think I know why. Hard to explain, because I did a bunch of stuff wrong on those.

But the stuff I got that works, works awesome!


I’m waiting on new labels to re-label all these. The ones I got were “waterproof” meaning also “sharpie pen proof.” D’oh! But this is my De-Stress Scrub. It is an epsom salt scrub with a secret formula for taking the stress right away from you. Seriously, when I smelled it, and used the extras that didn’t fit in the tin in my bath, it was like being taken away to… maybe not a tropical island, as it’s not coconut or pineapple – y, but to a place in my LIFE where I feel okay with things. I really don’t know how to describe this scent. It’s the scent I’d want my laundry to be on a hard day. It’s the scent of the candle I wish to burn after a day in which everything goes wrong. It’s clean, it’s fresh, it’s cleansing.


Another failed label, for Eucalyptus Salt Scrub. Full of lovely Epsom salts with a green color and plenty of Eucalyptus scent, with a trace of Peppermint. Now, I REALLY like this one! It clears your sinuses right the heck out, if you’re having congestion problems. Which I often do, having chronic sinusitis.


So here we’ve got my amazeballs Creamsicle lip scrub. That’s the yellow one. It is made with sugar, coconut oil, vanilla extract, and orange essential oil. I accidentally broke the top of one of the little bitty 5gram containers, so I used it, and man, does it smell good!

The red one is my favorite, though. It is an avocado oil (so as not to impart too much of a coconut flavor) and cinnamon sugar scrub for the lips. It actually does a little lip plumping, due to the cinnamon. I didn’t use any essential oils on this one, just a dash of powdered cinnamon. I did put a little dye in it though to make it red. I think it looks cute being red!

The big one, though, is great too, especially for chapped lips. It is avocado oil, again, a little purple dye, that turned too dark, but that’s okay… and LAVENDER! Lavender is great for inflammation and irritation, and I’ve been using my mini version of this for when my lips die a little. I haven’t seen it dye my lips at all despite how dark it turned out, same with the cinnamon one.

In fact, I’ll give you a pic of my face/lips with the cinnamon done and then the lavender done two hours later!myfacecinnamonlipscrub

See? No color bleed! And my lips are not normally that plump. That would be the cinnamon. My lips… okay, remember that episode of Metalocalypse where they learned the Blues and Nathan Explosion said he had really thin lips and was gonna make out with Glenn Close? Yeah, those are my lips.


These are actually my favorite. They are green tea scrubby soaps! They are just barely scented, and the only scent they have is from the green tea leaves themselves, so they’re good for people who have allergies to essential oils. Nothing in them is highly allergenic, actually! At least as far as I know. The color they have is from the green tea leaves. For a half pound of glycerin soap base (the clear kind, mainly hypoallergenic) I used three tablespoons of green tea leaves.

They feel so nice on my skin. They’ve even eliminated some of my skin issues, such as redness, and have made my psoriasis not as bad.


That’s all I’ve got so feel free to check this big ol’ Creamsicle 1oz container! Isn’t it gorgeous? The cutting board it’s on is kinda meh, but this gorgeous orange and vanilla sugar scrub for lips will relax you!

These are set to be on sale in February, after my testers test them in January!


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