Woah, We’re Halfway There!

sub-buzz-19388-1472759204-1Fun fact, I actually own two paintings by the “Lincoln on a Bear” guy. I have Ronald Reagan on a velociraptor, and mecha FDR.

whoa-were-halfway-there-whoa-oh-lizard-on-a-chair-13876297I bet he can’t even play that guitar.

chicken-on-a-bear-the-dork-side-fbIs it just me or does that look Photoshopped?

Hello, from the other side! Or the otter slide, but I think I’ve memed enough this post. I mean we’ll see, but maybe.

Oh what the hey.


Sitting here, on and off sketching while drinking a glass (read: bottle) of Prosecco. I’m going to have the bubbliest hiccups ever.

But I’m halfway to my Bachelor’s degree in graphic design! Well, I’m past the point where the Associate’s students would stop, so I mean I guess I have Associate’s levels of schooling. But my Bachelor’s is what I’m going for.

I’m in two classes this month and one’s pretty brutal. It’s also pass or fail so I’m like… If I name ONE THING wrong when turning in I fail it. Poppin’ anxiety meds like a boss. Double, triple, and quadruple checking EVERYTHING.

Have to draw like 60-70 things. And practice Illustrator.

We had to turn in a set of 10 of our best works, and I have hundreds, so it took me a while to sort through them. I think I ended up choosing a few that were more interesting than best executed, like my best photo:


Someone tagged the surveillance sign. Also decent use of rule of thirds, but THEY TAGGED THE SURVEILLANCE SIGN. Wonder if they got caught. I captured a mystery in this photo and I really love it for that. So many questions that will likely never be answered. At least not directly to me.

Best drawing was my abstract poker dogs, mostly because most of my drawings suck.


That Collie in the back is cheating!

For fun, this is what I made with that drawing:


It’s got issues, but I did this nearly a year ago. I like to think I’m not this bad anymore.

So yeah, just drawing now.

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And that’s about all I got!


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