Freyja Taylor, graphic design student, at your service!

This blog will showcase design I’m working on and interesting tidbits of design news I find lying around.

You’ll be able to go to my portfolio via the link in my sidebar, even though I don’t update it until the job is completely done.  So it may be updated anywhere from once a week to once in two months.  Just fair warning.

Adobe Illustrator – intermediate
Photoshop – advanced
InDesign – intermediate
Premiere Pro – intermediate
Blender – intermediate
Autodesk Maya – beginner

Logo design
A little audio/video

About me, hmmm! I live in South Texas with my pet husband and my two cats, Ace and Potato. Ace is a seal-tortie-point snowshoe Siamese and Potato is a brown tabby Maine Coon, and he weighs about 28 pounds! He’s not fat. Maine Coons are just huge.

I’m a graphic design student and I have side gigs doing art, jewelry, and self-care products (like bath bombs and scrubs.) I am a creative at heart! I have to always be making something.

I also love playing video games and trying new (sometimes weird) foods. Hubs and I are foodies and adventurers! Well, as much adventure as I can do, being disabled.